Workshops and Presentations for Students

Spring 2019 Presentations and Workshops

Working with Sources: Avoiding Plagiarism and Working Effectively with the Texts of Others (presentation)

Being able to present the ideas, language, or data of another writer in both an effective and ethical manner requires specialized knowledge and a great deal of work. Standards and practices for attribution vary meaningfully by discipline, and they also often depend upon genre and audience. How can students feel confident they are not misappropriating ideas or language? What resources exist at Caltech to help students do this work?

This presentation helps students understand not only the common practices of academic attribution of ideas, but also the values that make correct attribution so important to the scholarly community. Students will leave the presentation with a broad understanding of the many kinds and causes of plagiarism, along with an awareness of the work required to prevent it in their own college writing.

Dates and times

Wednesday, 4/17, 12:30 - 1:45 p.m. 
Thursday, 4/18, 4:00 - 5:15 p.m. 
Tuesday, 4/23, 10:30 - 11:45 

If you are required to attend this presentation and have classes during all scheduled presentation times, please email us at so we can accommodate you. 

Location: Hixon Writing Center (3rd floor Center for Student Services)

An advance reservation made by April 19th is required to attend this workshop. Ready to sign up? Sign-ups occur in the Writing Center Scheduler via Please consult these detailed instructions about how to make your reservation.


Senior Thesis Support Workshops

Students writing a senior thesis are invited to join us for one or all of these workshops. Pizza lunch will be served. Please register in advance using WC Online (see: Writing Center Scheduling in

Reaching Your Writing Goals
Tue 4/16, 12-1 p.m.
This workshop will offer strategies for conceptualizing and successfully completing a senior thesis. Topics discussed in this workshop will include the following: setting goals, creating a realistic schedule for reaching those goals, and getting started with writing. Participants can expect to leave this workshop with the tools they need to establish a sustainable writing practice that will allow them to meet their writing goals. Please register to attend in WC Online.
Edit without Mercy
Friday 5/10, 12-1 p.m. (1-2 p.m. facilitated editing session optional)
This workshop is designed for undergraduate students who have written a full draft of their senior thesis and are at a stage where they want to edit and elevate their prose. In the first hour of the workshop, we will discuss: 1) what grammatical features tend to make a sentence unclear 2) how to develop a critical eye for recognizing when a sentence is weak, and 3) key strategies for targeting and editing weak sentences. For the second optional hour of the workshop, students will have the opportunity to practice the newly learned editing strategies on their own writing.  The workshop facilitators will be available for consultation. Please register to attend in WC Online.
Visual Communication in STEM Workshop Series 
Principles of Effective Visual Communication in STEM
This workshop can now be experienced in a one-to-one meeting instead of in a group. Set up a meeting with our Writing Specialist Lilien Voong to do this workshop. 

In this 1-hour one-to-one meeting, we will discuss the essentials behind strong visual rhetoric, including clarity, organization, and graphic design principles. We will also review user-friendly graphic design software and tools. Participants will gain fundamental skills to work with a variety of scientific communication