Handouts and Resources

These resources are meant to support the work you do with faculty, TA's, and Writing Center tutors.

Resources in Caltech's Library

Our library has many books related to writing you can consult or borrow. The HWC has worked with the library to create a LibGuide about Writing that will quickly connect you to many of those resources.

Writing the Paper (Elements, Processes, Skills)

If you are asking questions about how to write a successful academic essay, these resources may be helpful. This includes topics like crafting strong arguments, organization, and writing well at the sentence level.

Scholarly Citation and Style Systems

If you are asking questions about how to properly cite texts and avoid plagiarism, these resources may be helpful.

Genres of Academic Writing (Types of Writing Assignment)

If you are working to write a type of academic writing that is unfamiliar to you, these resources may help you understand what it is and why it works the way it does.

Writing for Specific Academic Disciplines

The way knowledge is produced affects how it is written about, which accounts for the differences you may encounter in writing for different disciplinary audiences. If you're getting to know how writing works in a new field these resources may help.

This page is currently being updated. If you're looking for help with something and don't find a resource here, please email us and let us know what you'd like to see here.