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STEM Writing Specialist Joins Hixon Writing Center Team

The HWC welcomes Dr. Christina Birch as a STEM Writing Specialist to support student writing and communication in scientific and technical fields.

Dr. Birch joins the Caltech community with deep subject expertise in biochemistry, infectious disease, microfluidics, and molecular diagnostics, having completed her Ph.D. in biological engineering at MIT in 2015. She has a passion for helping writers in STEM fields successfully communicate complex ideas and data through a broad array of mediums: research manuscripts, grant proposals, executive summaries, design specifications, standard operating procedures, and more.

As the STEM Writing Specialist, Dr. Birch helps students discuss complex ideas, present data clearly, and explain research significance to varied audiences. Dr. Birch will supplement the HWC's existing team of Generalist Writing Specialists, Emma Burris-Janssen and Charlyne Sarmiento. As Generalists, Emma and Charlyne are experts in rhetoric and academic writing. They coach students to write evidence-based essays, build persuasive arguments, understand the expectations of academic readers, and improve their writing confidence within all writing genres and disciplines.

To make an appointment to talk with Dr. Birch about your work, use the writing center scheduler in To find out more about what an appointment with a writing specialist involves, check out these appointment FAQs.