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New spring writing course for grad students: ESL/Wr 107

International grad students may be interested in taking the redesigned ESL/Wr 107 this spring. The course will cover a variety of topics and aim to give students a strong foundation as academic writers in STEM fields. Questions about the course can be directed to

The course description is as follows:

ESL/Wr 107. Graduate Writing Seminar. 3-0-3; third term. This course provides guided instruction in academic writing in STEM fields. More specifically, it teaches graduate students about composing texts in scientific English for expert audiences. It helps familiarize writers with academic STEM discourse, and it teaches writers about the style and genres of U.S. academic STEM writing, helping them learn to locate, read, and write about the work of others in their field. From here, students learn to review the literature in their fields and situate their own research goals within that context. Students are encouraged to take ESL/Wr 107 in the first or second year of graduate school. This course is designed for non-native speakers of English, but it covers topics that are relevant to native English speakers.